Thursday, 1 January 2009

Cambodia, Brunei & Philippines

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!

I have some Fridge magnets from Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam and also the Philippines. I will start with the ones from Cambodia.

This one below is from Cambodia. These are gifts from my best friend, Ade when she was in Cambodia for a holiday.



Next below are the FMs from Brunei Darussalam. Mostly I bought myself from shops around Brunei. The one below showed the Royal Regalia building located right athe heart of Bandar Seri begawan, Brunei's capital. It is one of Brunei's tourist attraction.

another FM of the Royal Regalia.

The FM below is an interesting one. It is of a Green Turtle which is one of Brunei's endangered species.

I bought this FM showing the famous buildings at the Capital i.e. Yayasan HSB, the SOAS mosque, Jame 'Asr mosque, Royal Regalia and the water village water taxi.
the next FM is showing the famous "Venice of the East" Brunei's famous tourist attraction - the Kampong Air (the world's largest water village on stilts).
the Rajah Brooke butterfly FM below is actually one of Brunei's main species



I got this FMs from the Philippines as a gift from a pinoy colleague who was coming back from home.

the FM below shows a typical Philippine's musician. Bought this FM when I was in Manila in 2007 for the ASCOPE games.

below is a FM of the Philippines' Jeepeny, bought this FM in Manila as well same as the one above.