Saturday, 24 January 2009

Malaysia, Australia, India, Japan & Philippines

I have some more Fridge magnets to post in this blog. This time they came from Malaysia, Australia, India, Japan and the Philippines.

the FM below is from Malaysia, an exchange FM with a Malaysian FM collector. It shows the Petronas twin tower and the KL mosque

the one below is FM from the Zoo Negara Malaysia

below is also an exchange FM with a fellow FM collector from Malaysia. This FM shows the KL mosque (not sure the name).



next are the FMs from Australia. the one below is a gift from my friend, cyah. It is from Darwin, Australia showing the abroginal art. the FM below is from Perth Australia. I bought this FM when I was on holiday, but at that time I wasn't crazy about Fridge magnets hhahahaaa..
below is a metal FM, bought by my sister when she was on buiness trip to Sydney.



the fridge magnet below is currently the only FM from India in my collection. It was given by my friend, Cyah.



the Hokkaido, Japan FM is next. It was an exchange with a fellow FM collector from Malaysia, marrisa.



These FMs are from the Philippines. I bought these FMs when I was on ASCOPE Games trip to Manila in 2007. below, the FM showing the typical house in the Philippines
Below FM is in the shape of a Jeepeny a popular means of transport in the Philippines.