Saturday, 14 February 2009

Latest collection - Russia

I have just received my latest collection of FMs from Russia. Yeayyy!
They are from my friend, Dmitri Balashov of Moscow, Russia. Thanks a lot Dmitri, appreciate it.

the FM below according to Dmitri, is a special FM for FM collectors in Russia. I am glad that I am given one.

the FM below if I am not mistaken shows the famous wooden doll of Russia, the "matryoshka"
FMs below shows the beautiful buildings in Moscow, Russia. I have always love the Russian sceneries, saw these from the tv and also photos.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Brunei, Malaysia & Miscellaneous

Like Sabah and Sarawak, in Brunei we do have the great Raffelsia flower too. Below is a Brunei Fridge Magnet of the Raffelsia, the world's largest flower. I bought this FM sometimes ago at a souvenir shop.



The following Fridge Magnets are from Malaysia, featuring the different ethnics in Sarawak, Malaysia. The one below shows the people of Bidayuh. I bought these FMs from the Sarawak Souvenir shop at the Miri International Airport and also from the Miri Shopping Mall. One of the FM was an exchange FM with a fellow Forumer, Sorceress followed by the Orang Ulu (remote people)
and the Iban
the FM below shows also another ethnic group of people the Nyonya of Penang, Malaysia.
next below is the FM showing a man making the famous Malaysian kite "Wau". These kites are famous in Kelantan and Terengganu, Malaysia.
I bought the Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia FM below when I was on holiday to Cameron Highland last year.
the Malacca, Malaysia FM below shows the typical slipper worn by the Nyonyas in Malacca. This FM was given to me as a gift from a fellow CARI forumer, feathers when she was on holiday to Malaysia also last year.



The rest of the FMs below I categorise under Miscellaneous.
I bought the FM below from a souvenir shop in Brunei. It is very interesting as it shows the famous Egyptian Pharoah. A fellow CARI forumer gave me the FM below of a cute girl
the FM below was bought at a souvenir shop in Gadong area last year. It shows the dolphin, beach and other sea creatures.