Thursday, 8 January 2009

Brunei, Oman and Malaysia

Below are fridge magnets from Brunei Darussalam. These three FMs are of typical food and drink available in Brunei. I bought all the three FMs from a local souvenir shop at Gadong Mall.

Satay FM. Satay is a popular dish, slices of chicken/beef in sticks dipped in peanut sauce.

Teh Tarik FM (milk tea in cup/glass pulled to came up with a bubbly milk tea drink). A very popular drink especially for breakfast and High tea.

Roti Prata FM. Roti Prata is a popular dish at Indian Resturants.



The next Fridge Magnet is the latest I received as a souvenir from my colleague, cyah. She bought it while on holiday in Oman last december 2008.



The rest are FMs from Malaysia. I bought all of them while I was on holiday in KL & Cameron Highland last year (June 2008).

The one below is of Cameron Highland. It shows the famous Tea Plantation.

Next are the food FMs of Malaysia. the one below is of the Chicken Rice.

Nyonya Stuffed fish FM is next.
and the Nyonya Asam Fish dish FM.
Malaysia' satay is also a popular dish as per FM below.
the last one is the typical Malacca cake (kuih) FM.