Monday, 29 December 2008

Singapore & Malaysia

This time round, I am posting the fridge magnets from Singapore and Malaysia only. Most of the Singapore FMs are gifts from my colleagues and friends who were on holiday in Singapore. Thanks a lot guys!

The one below is a gift from my colleague, Cyah.

the next two below are gifts from, Suri

this fm is also from Cyah

this cute fm is from Suri



The fridge magnets (FM) below are mostly bought while I was away on holiday in KL. Can be found at many places but with different prices. If you want one, make sure you bargin, especially if you are buying more than one piece. I bought these FMs at Sungei Wang Plaza. There are lots of them at a souvenir shop there.

The FMs I am posting here are of houses in Malaysia.

below is FM of a Malacca temple

this one is a Minangkabau's house, can be found in Negeri Sembilan

next is a typical house in Malaysia

this one below is a typical housing in Malacca

similar to the one above but this one below is in colour

the FM below show a typical Kampung house in Malaysia