Monday, 26 January 2009

Holland, England, Scotland & MISC

Last Friday, I received a box of seven fridge Magnets from my friend Nik. FMs she bought for me while she was on holiday in the UK and Holland last year. I am posting these latest FMs collection of mine here together with another three of my current collection.

Below are my latest collection. The one below show the famous windmill in Holland.

FM showing woodenshoe (clog) shop in Holland

the famous Holland clog FM



this is my first and only FM from Scotland, thanks a lot Nik.



Below are FMs of London the ones below are of Manchester United, England.

the ones below are of England, showing the London Beefeater (usually guarding castles)
and the FM of a London postman



This FM below is of a Swiss Chime clock, an exchange FM with a fellow Malaysian FM collector.