Monday, 29 December 2008

Singapore & Malaysia

This time round, I am posting the fridge magnets from Singapore and Malaysia only. Most of the Singapore FMs are gifts from my colleagues and friends who were on holiday in Singapore. Thanks a lot guys!

The one below is a gift from my colleague, Cyah.

the next two below are gifts from, Suri

this fm is also from Cyah

this cute fm is from Suri



The fridge magnets (FM) below are mostly bought while I was away on holiday in KL. Can be found at many places but with different prices. If you want one, make sure you bargin, especially if you are buying more than one piece. I bought these FMs at Sungei Wang Plaza. There are lots of them at a souvenir shop there.

The FMs I am posting here are of houses in Malaysia.

below is FM of a Malacca temple

this one is a Minangkabau's house, can be found in Negeri Sembilan

next is a typical house in Malaysia

this one below is a typical housing in Malacca

similar to the one above but this one below is in colour

the FM below show a typical Kampung house in Malaysia


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Malaysia, Korea & UAE

Since I have lots of Fridge Magnets from Malaysia, I am posting more Malaysian FMs in each of my entry. This time I am also including the FM from Korea and Dubai, UAE. Enjoy the photos!

Below is FM of the famous Rafflesia of Sabah, Malaysia. The FM is an exchange with a CARI forumer.

Next is the FM of a tiger at the Zoo Negara Malaysia. This FM was bought by my lil sister.
Below is a FM of a tortoise. This FM is also from Sabah, Malaysia. It was a gift from a fellow forumer of CARI Forum, luntur.
The Melaka, Malaysia FM is a gift from a fellow forumer, feathers. She bought it when she was on holiday in Malaysia.

Next is the Putra Mosque, Putrajaya. Also from Malaysia and also an exchange from a fellow CARI forumer.
The FM below is a gift from, luntur who bought it as a gift when she was on holiday in Sabah, Malaysia.

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia. Located in Sabah, Malaysia. This FM was bought by my niece when she was on holiday.

The FM below is an exchange with another CARI forumer. It potrays a kampung house in Malaysia.
The next Fridge magnet is from Korea. My ex-colleague, Sue Moi, bought it as a gift when she was on holiday to Korea.


Last for this entry is the Fridge Magnet from Dubai, UAE. It was an exchange with another CARI forumer, ayamserati who was residing in Dubai before.


Monday, 22 December 2008

Ireland, UK, Australia, Indonesia & Malaysia

This fridge magnet is from Ireland. I got it from a colleague who was on holiday.



Below are FMs from UK. The one exactly below is from Harrods. It was a gift from a CARI forumer, soktau2.

this one is London FM. I bought it long time ago when I was in London, UK.



Next are FMs from Australia. My younger sis bought the when she was on a working trip to Sydney last year.



The BIG (4" long) Bali slipper FM is from CARI forumer azza_azz. She is a medic student studying in Indonesia.



Below are another FMs from Malaysia. All of them, except the last one, are from the exchange of FM with CARI forumers. The one below is the shape of Wau (traditional kite of Malaysia).

This one is from Sorceress, map of Sabah.

The one below is from yt, map of Sarawak

Next is the map of the famous holiday spot, Langkawi.

meanwhile below is the FM I bought when I was on holiday last June in Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Singapore & Ukraine

I bought this Crystal Mosque when I was on holiday to Terengganu last June at the themed Park Garden souvenir shop.

This Langkawi fridge magnet is an exchange with a CARI forumer, Amirdaa

I bought this Terengganu fridge magnet during my holiday trip to KL last June at the Sungei Wang Plaza.



This Shenzen, China fridge magnet is from CARI forumer, melatirimba



Below are fridge magnets from Vietnam. Right below is from my friend, Linda. She bought it when she was on Holiday to Vietnam.

The couple fridge magnets are from an exchange with s CARI forumer.



Next are the fridge magnets from Thailand. They are from a CARI forumer, sorceress.



I bought the Jeepney fridge magnet when I was in Manila, Philippines last year during the ASCOPE Games.



The Japan fridge magnet is also another exchange with another CARI forumer. ( I have forgotten her nick).



Below is a fridge magnet as a souvenir from my colleague, Norsiah, when she was on holiday few months back.



I have the one and only fridge magnet from Ukraine. It was also another exchange with another CARI forumer.


Saturday, 20 December 2008

Holland, Brunei, Canada, Malaysia, USA & UK

Let me start with my latest collection. This FM is from Holland. It's a gift from a colleague, Sylvia, who was on holiday in Holland recently.



Below are 3 fridge magnets of Brunei Darussalam I bought myself from souvenir shop in Brunei.



Below is a fridge magnet from Quebec, Canada. I got this FM from an exchange with a CARI Forumer, faraway who is residing in Quebec.


Next is the fridge magnets from Malaysia. I got it from an exchange with CARI forumer and the Kelantan ones are from my holiday trip to Kelantan last June.

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's Prime Minister Office @ Putra Jaya

Kelantan, Malaysia


Next below is the fridge magnet of New York "the Big Apple" from a forumer CARI as well.



Next is the FM from London, UK. This FM is from CARI forumer, sorceress.