Sunday, 4 January 2009

Indonesia, Singapore, Holland and Miscellaneous

Hello everyone and especially to Dimtry. Thanks a lot for browsing this humble blog of mine. Dimtry is the person who created the word "memomagnetica" and it's a pleasure to know you. As for the new year 2009, I continue my posting of fridge magnets collection from Indonesia, Singapore, Holland and also under the title Miscellaneous. We will start with the two Miscellaneous FMs.

the two Miscellenous FMs are of the two famous English Premier Football League, Manchester United and Liverpool. I bought these FMs from a Sports stall selling items from both these famous teams. The one below is of Manchester United.

the one below is of Liverpool - my favourite Football team



the next ones are from Indonesia. The one below is from Surabaya, Indonesia and was an exchange with a CARI forumer.

below are FMs from Taman Safari Indonesia (Safari Park). These are also from an exchange with a CARI forumer.



Next are FMs from Holland also obtained from an exchange with CARI Forumers. The one below of Holland's famous clogs was from Soceress.

I am however have forgotten who had given me this FM below of Holland's famous tulips. But for sure it was an exchange with a CARI Forumer as well.



The Singapore FM below is a gift from a friend, feathers who was on holiday in Singapore last year.

this one below is a gift from my colleague, cyah as from her holiday in Singapore last year. The FM shows the Singapore flyer.

my friend, feathers also gave me this Singapore FM below.