Monday, 22 December 2008

Ireland, UK, Australia, Indonesia & Malaysia

This fridge magnet is from Ireland. I got it from a colleague who was on holiday.



Below are FMs from UK. The one exactly below is from Harrods. It was a gift from a CARI forumer, soktau2.

this one is London FM. I bought it long time ago when I was in London, UK.



Next are FMs from Australia. My younger sis bought the when she was on a working trip to Sydney last year.



The BIG (4" long) Bali slipper FM is from CARI forumer azza_azz. She is a medic student studying in Indonesia.



Below are another FMs from Malaysia. All of them, except the last one, are from the exchange of FM with CARI forumers. The one below is the shape of Wau (traditional kite of Malaysia).

This one is from Sorceress, map of Sabah.

The one below is from yt, map of Sarawak

Next is the map of the famous holiday spot, Langkawi.

meanwhile below is the FM I bought when I was on holiday last June in Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia.