Friday, 19 December 2008


Welcome to my blog specially about my fridge Magnet Collection since 2006. To be exact, I don't remember when I started collecting Fridge Magnets, but it was a while back beyond 2006. But then, I was not much into it, later my younger sister also began to collect the FMs. Later in 2007, I found a thread discussing about collecting Fridge Magnet in the CARI Forum. That triggered me to restart my collection. We had much discussion, posting each other's collection in the Forum and exchange of Fridge Magnets too.

I also bought the fridge magnets for my collection whenever I go for a holiday or bought them from local shops. My colleagues and friends who know my hobby, also bought Fridge Magnets for me as souvenir. My collection grows and so far I have more than 100 Fridge Magnets. The collection include travel magnets and also others. I will post photos of each of my collection in this blog.

So watch this space!